VoIP Phones Services in Lahore

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems are an important opportunity for businesses of all sizes, unlocking the ability to place phone calls over the internet instead of through conventional phone lines.

Instead of your local phone company’s copper wires, VoIP phone services use your business’ existing internet connection to convert and transmit voice as data. If you’ve used Skype to make a phone call, then you’ve used VoIP technology before. But while Skype is typically used by individuals, there are other services that leverage the same technology on a larger scale for businesses.

VoIP systems provide a feature-rich and technically advanced phone solution. They are easily setup, configured, and managed, and are usually a more economical option than traditional landline systems. The technology behind VoIP services also means that they can offer features that traditional landlines can’t.

Traditional phone services impose constraints on employees, especially since businesses don’t often follow a 9-to-5 schedule in the office. Because these services tend to tie a single phone number to a specific phone, employees who are not in the office for whatever reason (e.g., working from home, traveling, meeting with a customer) cannot access their business phone number.

With a cloud phone system, location doesn’t matter. As long as your employees have access to the internet and a computer or mobile device, they have access to their business number and can call, text, and fax as they please. They just need to download the app or log in to the VoIP service provider’s web portal, and they can start making and receiving calls and faxes on their business number from anywhere.

Cloud-based VoIP services enable you to login to your account from your computer or smartphone app and manage your phone system on the fly, including how calls are routed and handled. For example, you can use the advanced routing features to setup a recurring schedule in which calls are forwarded to your mobile phone on evenings and weekends.

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